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Real estate is an important and expensive investment. Easements, zoning, covenants, liens, road and well agreements are just a few examples of things that can limit your land use.

Real estate documents, including Buy Sell Agreements and Title Insurance, are difficult to understand.  Review of relevant documents for your real estate transaction before committing yourself to buy or sell is vital in protecting your interests.

Most transactions that go wrong are due to a failure to investigate what is actually being sold in the documentation governing the property and this is usually a costly financial mistake.  A real estate attorney will help you avoid many pitfalls and educate the client on the particular characteristics of the property.

Real Estate professionals are hired to help the transaction close for a reasonable price.  They are not licensed or trained in real estate law and should refer you to a real estate attorney for an opinion regarding all legal questions and all of the top agents/brokers do.

Canadians regularly buy and sell real estate in Montana, and many find peace of mind with the assistance of a local real estate attorney to protect them in the process and to explain the laws that governs their transaction.